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Creating custom business websites is what we do.

We're Upgrade Web Design, a Michigan-based agency specializing in web design, development, SEO, branding, copywriting, and digital marketing solutions. We excel at rescuing and upgrading websites. Whether your project is stuck or you need to revamp your digital presence, we're here to help.

Upgrade Web Design

a website design and digital marketing agency in Michigan

Plans start at $100/month.

Find the perfect plan


Plan starts at $100/month.

Everything you need to share your information online. Get a 1-page website designed and developed with hosting, ongoing care, and Basic SEO.


Plan starts at $350/month.

Everything you need to get found in local search results. Get a up to a 10-page website designed and developed with hosting, ongoing care, and Basic SEO.

Plus +

Plan starts at $525/month.

Everything you need to be found in search results and accept payments through your website. Get up to a 15-page website designed and developed with hosting, ongoing care, and Basic SEO.


Plans start at $1,600/month.

Everything you need to to start selling products through your website. Get up to a 15-page website designed and developed with hosting, ongoing care, and Basic SEO. Website Firewall and Hacker Remediation included.

Disclaimer: All plans are collaborative and do not include strategy or strategy plans. Hosting is on shared hosting networks. On-going care is limited per plan to a specific amount of minutes per month. Content must be provided by purchaser.  Content creation is available in addition to any plan.

Collaborate with Upgrade Web Design for your website needs. Based near Detroit, Michigan, Upgrade Web Design is a leading WordPress website designer and digital marketing agency specializing in SMM and SEM. They offer custom website design, development, brand strategy, and marketing strategy, utilizing the latest tools and trends.

Upgrade Web Design excels at both creating new websites and revamping existing ones that aren’t performing optimally. They thoroughly evaluate your current site, devise a strategic plan, and then redesign and enhance it to better meet your organization’s needs. By leveraging A.I. and integrating third-party tools and automations, they ensure your website operates at its full potential.

Upgrade Web Design’s client retention rate is at 100% for over 3 years and running. ROIs are typically 10x to 300x times higher than initial investments.

Project Pricing

What does it really cost?

Website and marketing projects prices typically start at $4,200 to $500K+ annually depending on the size of the business, marketing budget, local or national marketing reach, content needs, length of the project, functionality, and any training to help company members or teams to utilize their custom website and marketing effectively. Most local organizations and small businesses can get started with a website for as little as $4,200 Annually or $350/month. Availability is limited.

Upgrade your website

Why does website design matter?

Website design matters for a business or organization because it has to allow people to be able to find your website on a search engine (SEO).  Once you are found on a search engine the Title and Description of the page have to inform the search engine user to click on the page link to view your website.  Once the user is at your website they are judging the look, feel, and flow of your website.  A user could become uninterested in the site or even confused or frustrated over how to navigate and find the information they are looking for.  Creating a professionally designed website can enhance a website guests experience, guide them through navigation, and provide them the extra feeling of security they need to take the next step to fill out a form, setup a meeting, book an appointment, call a location, or purchase a product, service, or subscription on your customized website.

Be Found

Be found in your local website results


Inform the user by providing easily read information


Guide users to take an action once informed


Use this opportunity to create a connection
Upgrade your search results

How AI is changing Search

In 2024, Google announced their AI search results are creating more precise search results because their AI can now add and create more relevant search results based on additional context now.  Generative AI is now creating more relevant content snippets to give users important and relevant information more quickly, and has shown to increase user interactivity and time spent on your website. Upgrade Web Design is well aware of the latest advancements in SEO and utilize their continually growing knowledge-base to their website and marketing client’s advantage. From more complex questions to different ways to input search queries like through pictures, Upgrade can “upgrade” your search results.

Be Found

Be found with more complex search queries


Inform the user quickly by providing info snippets


Guide users to the exact information they want, faster.


Find new ways to connect at more touch points
Upgrade your ad content

How AI is changing Ad content

Today, Upgrade Web Design can upload your brand guidelines, example images, and AI can help generate content variables based on those inputs.  The best part, these variable content assets can be organized by effectiveness through marketing campaigns by measuring their interactivity with search and advertising campaigns. With campaigns involving products, we can even utilize AI to automatically choose which Ad variables are working best, but optimize which products are shown in results by showing products based on profit margin.


Create more Ad content with simple inputs.

On Brand

Inform the user quickly by providing info snippets


Use AI to automatically optimize ads


Optimize ads to show products with better profit

Upgrade your time

Why does ongoing site care matter after a site is built?

When it comes to custom crafted website builds, whether that site is complex or simple, it is important to take care in its initial development and maintain its design and technology, which should and will continually evolve over time. Upgrade Web Design care services can help you maintain and update your website for you, saving you days of headaches and confusion when more complex integrations and updates are required to maintain the security and function of the prime hub of your marketing strategy. Care can be included in a monthly or annual payment plan.  Stay live, keep marketing 24/7, 365.

Custom Tailored Websites

On the WordPress and WooCommerce Platform

Monthly Edits and Updates

Monthly Task Credits with Patch & Security Updates

Dedicated Support and care

24/7 Support Ticket System Live Support M-F 9-5 EST.

FLexible Payment Plans

Monthly or Annual Payment Plans Available

Upgrade your Brand

Why does brand strategy matter for a website?

Does your website express the quality behind your brand? How about your social media? Do your advertising assets match the landing pages people end up at when clicking a link or ad?  Does the experience feel comfortable and “on brand” across a user’s interaction with your ads, posts, links across the web? Take your organization or company’s style and message and create a cohesive presentation of your brand across all relevant media platforms.  With Upgrade Web Design, we can help you match your social media profiles, posts, ads, search engine ads, and video search marketing assets with your style, font, message, and follow your brand guidelines.  Don’t have a brand yet or need to revamp your brand? When it comes to design in marketing, It all starts with brand strategy.  Find out who your core audience types are, what your message is, the offer your organization’s aesthetics allure to, and plan to deploy your brand from first sight to completed sale, and beyond.

Boost Brand Loyalty

Build trust with high-quality ads & information

Improve Brand Awareness

Increase exposure to your brand's aesthetic

Increase Employee Engagement

Promote in a way that employees are proud of

Skyrocket Your Sales Online

Progress measured to reach goals within budget

Upgrade your marketing relations

What kind of clients are we looking for?

Upgrade Web Design’s ideal clients are established companies looking to make or increase profits online, have a healthy marketing budget of $10K or more annually, and need help with strategy and the technical aspects of running a successful website and marketing hub.  From business to business, local service, and retail businesses to national retail outlets, we have the expertise to increase a company’s marketing reach online, no matter the market. With the right strategy, a healthy marketing budget, and the right target audience, you can expect to see increasing customer and client acquisition and retention, month-after-month. Our clients range from small local dental offices to expansive national e-commerce websites.

Pros Only Please

You must have a marketing budget of $10K or more annually

high-quality content

You have or are willing to buy high quality marketing content and assets

Time + Quality = $

The higher quality and performance you desire, the more our services cost

Long-Term Goals

We don't want fly-by-night operations. We want long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships
Upgrade your privacy and security
Protect your data

Did you know that hackers can inject code in to websites of professional companies and organizations to deploy content or reroute traffic from their website to sometimes lewd and inappropriate content, ruining their reputation and search engine results page ranks? How about bad actors stealing users’ private information such as their name, address, and even their financial information from websites that aren’t built correctly or don’t continually update and defend their website against potential nefarious individuals or groups.

Data Breach

Stop them in their tracks

Data breach involves unauthorized access or disclosure of sensitive, confidential or otherwise protected data.

Data Theft

Secured Servers & Sites

Data theft is stealing digital information – from an individual or an organization with the intention to compromise privacy or obtain confidential information.

Targeted Attack

Cut-Off Access and Repair

In a targeted attack, your website is singled out because the attacker has a specific interest in your business, or has been paid to target you.

Stay GDPR Compliant

Protect User Privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation is a legal framework that sets guidelines for the collection and processing of personal information from individuals.

More than a website

Our strategy, design, development, and marketing services offer functionalities like booking, chat, bill pay, ecommerce, and integration with other various third-party applications such as calendars, CRM software, online accounting or bookkeeping services that can be automated to track and automatically deploy marketing and nurturing campaigns. These features streamline your business operations, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately drive growth.

Has your website project grinded to a halt?
Are you stuck and not sure where to turn?

Rescuing and upgrading stranded websites is our specialty!

We’re Upgrade Web Design and we help websites that are stuck or need to recreate or upgrade their web design, SEO,  Social Media, or Digital Marketing to better meet their goals.

We can help rescue and restore your problem website and assist with launching stalled web projects.

Website rescue is only the start

We also offer a full menu of top-quality digital services

Our services extend beyond simple web design. We offer a comprehensive suite of digital services, ensuring your website not only looks great but also performs optimally. Our offerings include website design and development, long-term SEO strategies, immediate results with Google and Facebook Ads, and website care plans for security, backups, maintenance, and updates.

Web Design and Development

We can design, develop and launch your new website ensuring it passes our highest standards of quality assurance.

SEO & Digital Marketing

We set SEO for the long-term and utilize Google and Facebook Ads for immediate results.

Website Care Plans

We take care of security, backups, maintenance and updates, ensuring your website is up and running.

Our Web Agency Partners

At Upgrade Web Design, we don’t just think about websites and design. With our applied knowledge in entrepreneurship, business operations, business law, and privacy law, Upgrade can help reduce operational and legal humps by helping your company become more compliant in Privacy and Accessibility Laws with our access to tools like accessibe and Termageddon. Give access directly to your lawyers from our tools dashboard. Become notified when laws change. Stay on top of your legal liabilities with these top tools so you can focus on growing your business.

Proud to be a certified accessiBe Partner in providing accessibility solutions to help make the web a more accessible place.
Read more
Proud to be a certified Termageddon Partner in providing Privacy Tools to keep websites up-to-date on privacy laws and compliance.
Read more

"I was so nervous and intimidated about having a website built. Upgrade eased my worries immediately."

Debra Gerwolds

Go-To Cleaning, LLC


"They will ask several questions that you don't think are important to your website but in the long run it is."

Joe Ibarra

Mid-Michigan Technology
and Consulting, LLC


"Upgrade Web Design created my business website and did an amazing job taking my vision and making it a reality."

Andrea Munsell-Simpson

Balance Point Massage
Therapy of Fenton

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