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Our passion and expertise is helping companies grow in style online.  Upgradewebdesign.com was originally founded in 2020 in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Starting his first ecommerce website at 11 years old, our founder, Braden, has spent over 25+ years learning about what it is to be successful online and which disciplines to apply where and when.  He saw this chance and opportunity of the global slowdown as no better time to create a website design agency to help businesses reach their customers in this socially and economically changing time.  How we do business with each other, connect with each other, and shop is evolving all the time! The question Is, is your company evolving too?

First, we talk with you about your company goals, possible benchmarks, your clientele, your earnings, your projected earnings, your website needs and wants, your advertising goals, possible features to enhance the user experience, budgets, timeframes, after launch care, reporting, and locking in a single contact person to work with.

We have bundled service plans ready to buy for most businesses with convenient monthly payments. However, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you call us first, because let’s face it… you are probably not sure exactly what you need or you wouldn’t be here.  We will help guide you to reach your goals in our pressure-free consultations.  We don’t want your business if we can’t help you reach your goals.

What does Upgrade WD do?

Services Offered

We offer a full line of services to help you run a successful business website.

We highly recommend creating a meeting with us to have a discovery session to uncover some information that we may be able to use in a comprehensive digital strategy guide, which is also included in every Ultra Plan.

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Digital Strategy

We create a comprehensive digital strategy to work off of like a blueprint towards your end goals. Products include digital strategy, digital brand guide, ideal customer profiles, and customer journey mapping which lays out the details of how the customer experience will go. We love when a good plan comes together! Collaboration required.

Web Development

Created on the WordPress platform, we have a large selection of tools and options for websites that we can design, build, program, and implement to help guide customers or clients seamlessly through their digital experience. Chances are, if you have seen it on someone else's website, we can do it too, if not better.

UX Design

Users should be able to find the information they are looking for fast! We keep this in mind for every website for a business. At the end of the day we are talking to people and our websites should be user-friendly and accessible to all. Ask us about adding accessibility plugins before design for optimal access for those with accessibility needs.

Online Marketing

You cannot expect much website traffic for your business without marketing in some way. Presenting your products or services in front of the right audiences is an essential part in the success of your business online. We highly recommend having a digital strategy with guides and profiles for the best return on your advertising investment.

Accept Payments

Connect with a third-party payment provider online with a button from your site or accept payments on your own site for products, services, courses, subscriptions, and more with a credit card processor such as Stripe or PayPal. We make it easy! We can assist you in every step of setting a payment processor account up.

Recurring Payments

Have products or services with recurring monthly or annual payments? You can link to your payment processor or run payments through your own website at regular intervals. Great for monthly box product subscriptions or service subscriptions like your favorite monthly Loot or Box subscriptions.


Engage, re-engage, personalize, and automate things like email campaigns, web notifications, text messaging, sales processes, geo-location and user specific messaging, and more all on your website to help you engage and keep engaging your users in a personalized way, on-time, every time! We can create an entire automation blueprint with you and then begin production, like turning your website into a well-oiled marketing and sales machine.

Generate Reviews

Work with us to create a seamless template to kindly ask users, customers, or clients to leave you a review via email, text message, or video and also link to popular review platforms such as Facebook or Google My Business profiles. Asking for reviews can boost sales and increase positive interaction. We highly recommend creating a Video Review campaign with us for maximum effectiveness. Customers can leave video reviews right from their smartphone.


We work with hosting and website security companies to help fight against malware and hackers from corrupting your website and stealing user-data. Higher security is available and highly recommended for companies collecting, transferring, or storing sensitive user-data through web servers to comply with user-data and HIPAA laws. Ask us about Hacker and Malware coverage with underwriting.


We can collect website usage and marketing campaign data and create comprehensive reports to let you know how things are going with easy-to-understand reporting that you can usually check at any time with a link that goes to your reporting page 24/7, 365 days a year. For even more comprehensive reporting we can report to you live every month! Best of all, we can install a comprehensive cookie policy generator with user opt-in and opt-out options to keep your company in compliance with current data and privacy laws.

Some of the tools we use

"Upgrade Web Design helped me open my business without a hitch. People can easily call, message, or book an appointment with me fast. The automation and utilization of my website has allowed me to streamline processes for new customers, allow them to see all their options, pay for services at booking, and the ability to fill out forms before their first appointment!"

- Balance Point Massage Therapy of Fenton

Building a website without a digital strategy is like building a home without blueprints.

It could work out, but are you going to take that risk?


Website and Marketing Plans

Create great customer experiences online.  From strategy, to website design, development, hosting, maintaining your site, marketing management, notification management, security, legal policy generators, premium reporting, and more. These bundled service plans have all the basic services to get your business up and noticed online. 

All plans require participation and collaboration by the purchasing party or client.  A few days if not a few weeks of collaboration is required depending on the complexities and needed details of your project. 

Plans do not include your advertising budget and some third-party costs. Large custom company website projects typically range anywhere from $10K-$500k depending on the size of your company, your company’s marketing reach, and company goals. 

You should expect most projects to develop for at least 60-90 Days before going live with your website. All content must be provided by you, the customer. Custom content development is available at an additional cost. Any advertising budget above $5K per month will require a separate contract. All services stop immediately if payment is late or overdue. Any delay in payment may result in termination of services.

*Website Edit requests can be added any time within reason and only if you provide the content (text and images to use).  The time taken each month to edit your website is referred to as Modification Time.  Modification time included each month is specified under each custom quoted website service or Base Plan or Express Plan.  Modification Time can be edits such as color changes, adding or removing a section block, adding and removing services or products, website fixes and repairs, changes in contact information, changes or updates in texts, add new images, forms building, and general upkeep of the website.  Edits may also include minor changes or additions to HTML, CSS, and Java coding.  Any major edits or additions will need to be quoted for an additional fee.

**FREE SSL Certificate is provided for free by a third-party. Upgrade Web Design, LLC does not purchase any SSL certificates on your behalf.

Warning: Any delays in handing over content may result in delays in your website project. Purchasing party holds all responsibility for content.

Sometimes you just need a small website for a local market,
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Get a customized website design, development, hosting, site maintenance, analytics reporting, and more. These bundled service plans have all the services to get your business started online.

Add even more to your plan as your company grows! We have ready-to-buy solutions and custom quoted services available to enhance your website and user experience.

Need to start small but in a BIG WAY?

Purchase your website plan right on our website and receive your new website fast! We create a professional company website with you right over video chat!

It has never been easier to get a custom website created! Want help picking the right plan or need a custom plan? Call us toll free at +1 (833) 268-8835 for a pressure free consultation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Don’t worry! You are fully protected by our 100% No-Risk Guarantee if you purchase an Express Plan or Ultra Plan. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your Plan, Services, or our customer service for any reason over the next 14-Days after purchase and you haven’t requested any changes or edits to any template or Draft Version of a website presented to you by us, simply cancel your services and we will return your money.

Where It Counts

We handle all of the technical aspects of operating a custom WordPress website, online marketing campaigns, and give you peace of mind knowing you have your own website support team working in the background.

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Websites and marketing your business is all about having a conversation, telling a story, and it starts with talking to your designers and marketers about your story and where you want to go. Let’s start with a conversation and see if Upgrade Web Design and your company are the right fit for each other.

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