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Meet the spirited founder of Upgrade Web Design, Braden Simpson. A digital maverick, Braden’s journey into the world of web design and online business began at the tender age of 11, when he dreamt of launching an ecommerce store for sporting goods. This was not just a childhood fantasy, but the spark that ignited his lifelong passion.

Braden’s teenage years were spent immersed in the fascinating intricacies of website design and development. He delved deep into the art of creating user-friendly experiences, structuring and optimizing data for search engines, and crafting effective online marketing strategies. His dedication to promoting accessibility equality on the web is a testament to his heart and commitment to inclusivity.

Braden’s quest for knowledge didn’t stop there. He attended two of Michigan’s top State universities, studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship, all while juggling a myriad of jobs to support his education. From being the new guy on the block to managing businesses, Braden has dipped his toes in over 15 different industries, gaining invaluable experience and insights along the way.

Today, Braden channels three decades worth of experience and education into running Upgrade Web Design. It’s here where his youthful dreams meet his adult ambition, helping businesses grow online with wit, fun, heart, passion, and utmost professionalism. With Braden at the helm, your business isn’t just getting an upgrade; it’s taking a giant leap into the future.

Our remote team consists of multiple talented professionals locally in Michigan and across the U.S..