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Au Train Web Design, Development, & Digital Marketing

With over 25 Years of experience in Web Design and Digital Marketing in Au Train, Michigan, Upgrade Web Design has the skills, strategies, processes, talent and tools to help businesses succeed online. From simple websites to helping with eCommerce or business automation, we can do almost anything!  Our founder was born and raised in Michigan and loves for us to make any excuse we can to take a trip to the beautiful beaches of Au Train.  In fact, he and his wonderful wife were married in Au Train and spent part of their honeymoon there and in Munising!  We are here to help Au Train businesses grow and help the community prosper.  Call today, have a comfortable conversation, and let’s see what we can do to reach your online goals.

Web Design and Development

Custom websites built from the ground up to reach your intended audience, give an awesome first impression, and encourage engagement for your Au Train company.

If you have seen it, we can probably do it.

Paid Digital Advertising

Campaigns created to reach your niche audience in specific geological locations in and around Au Train or Nationally to get the maximum return on investment for your pay-per-click advertisements across multiple platforms.

Maintenance and Security

Security and maintenance services that keep your website up-to-date, secure, functioning, with constant up-time monitoring.  We keep everything working smooth in the background so you can focus on building your business.

With these 3 main focuses, we help businesses and organizations succeed in reaching more people, nourish relationships, provide up-to-date information at people’s fingertips, streamline business and user processes, re-engage with users, and help make you and your users’ website experiences better. Upgrade your website with Upgrade Web Design and see the difference a custom-tailored digital strategy can do for your Au Train business.

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How do we build websites for Au Train companies and organizations?

With WordPress, of course!

WordPress is one of the most popular site-building platforms for a reason: it’s user-friendly, customizable, and relatively inexpensive. And for growing businesses, WordPress websites are the most flexible and cost-effective option. WordPress sites can be easily expanded as your business grows, and new features can be added with plugins or custom code. WordPress websites are also highly scalable, so they can accommodate increased traffic as your business grows. And because WordPress is an open-source platform, there is a large community of developers who can help you with any challenges you encounter. For growing businesses, WordPress websites offer the perfect blend of flexibility and affordability.

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Upgrade Web Design provides award-winning website design services in Au Train, MI and everywhere else in the United States of America. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and customer service.

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To Get Started, Let's Look Under The Hood

We offer a website audit so you can see if your site is meeting professional standards and reaching your goals.  If we move forward on a project, Upgrade Web Design will be able to start with a clearer understanding of the situation and be able to create a custom and comprehensive digital strategy that will help you achieve your website and online marketing goals with proven processes so you can rest at ease knowing the winning game plan ahead of time.

Order a website audit today for only $299

Audit price may be rolled in to your project cost if you purchase a service that we may offer to you after the website audit is completed.  Requires your full participation in the meeting before and after the audit. Refunds for website audits are allowed at our sole discretion.

You should expect most projects to develop for at least 60-90 Days before going live with your website. All content must be provided by you, the customer. Custom content development is available at an additional cost. Any advertising budget above $5K per month will require a separate contract. All services stop immediately if payment is late or overdue. Any delay in payment may result in termination of services.

*Website Edit requests can be added any time within reason and only if you provide the content (text and images to use).  The time taken each month to edit your website is referred to as Modification Time.  Modification time included each month is specified under each custom quoted website service or Base Plan or Express Plan.  Modification Time can be edits such as color changes, adding or removing a section block, adding and removing services or products, website fixes and repairs, changes in contact information, changes or updates in texts, add new images, forms building, and general upkeep of the website.  Edits may also include minor changes or additions to HTML, CSS, and Java coding.  Any major edits or additions will need to be quoted for an additional fee.

**FREE SSL Certificate is provided for free by a third-party. Upgrade Web Design, LLC does not purchase any SSL certificates on your behalf.

Note: Any delays in handing over content may result in delays in your website project. Purchasing party holds all responsibility for content.

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