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Know Your Target Audience

Know what they know.

Content writing isn’t always about creating a lot of in-depth information. Instead,  It is about knowing your audience’s tone and market awareness. If you aren’t completely aware of your target audience, you have to create a way to determine your target audience and measure the results of your content.

Start by breaking down the character type of an average member of your target audience.

Is this person, for instance, is a(n);

  • Innovator?
  • Champion?
  • Clinger?
  • Innovator?
  • Show-off?
  • Utilitarian?

By creating a list and breaking down some their traits,  what are the greatest factors when it comes to marketing to someone’s character and market awareness. Examples could be; Luxury Sport Car Driver – This person is a show off and their awareness of my product (a high-end car that turns heads) is high. For this person, what makes my product the best? I don’t have to explain to them what a car is or what it does. 

You can go much further in details about this person if it is your average target audience. What do they drive? What do they wear? Do they watch T.V.? Browse the web? Use YouTube? On what type of device? Mobile? Tablet? Desktop? What is their income level? What does this person do for fun? Have fun with this exercise and really nail down one or two ideal audience members and then we can discover more about how to speak to this person at a comfortable awareness level.

What is the Right Way to Speak to Your Target Audience?

Once you are aware of your target audience by doing the exercise above, write down the level of awareness this person has. Segment the levels of awareness into groups if you can. Then we will evaluate what is important to this person, what this person is already aware of in the market, and how we can best approach their awareness level.

Generally there are two types of awareness.

  •  Higher Market Awareness or Market Sophisticated type of consumer
    The greater the market awareness, the greater the saturation in the market.
  • Lower market awareness
    The lower the awareness the more your average or specified audience has to be educated about the product or service.

Identify the Levels of Markets Awareness.

  1. None – You are introducing this thing to the world. They need to be wowed about it’s features and educated how to best utilize it.
  2. Some – You know others who offer the same thing, what makes this better?
  3. Moderate – You know how to shop from a lot of companies but what makes you different from the rest?
  4. Highly aware – This person knows all the offers and all the same old taglines, what makes you the best? Get to the point.
  5. Sophisticated – What makes you stand out of the crowd? There is so much competition this person is just looking for a reason to say no. Don’t let them. This is where you have to hit their pain points or values and create a personalized and unique experience.

Where does the awareness of your product or service fall on this scale?

Write to that person and to their level of market awareness about your service or product.

When creating content, make sure;

  • You create a good measure of the depth of your content around the chosen topic.
  • Structure of your content using headings and subheadings.
  • Balance between text and images for a better visual appearance.
  • Use of external links to authority sites for more information about your topic.
  • Make sure all images have Alt tags so the images can be categorized by search engines correctly.

These tips can help you create great content for your company’s website, social media accounts, email campaigns, YouTube videos, webinars, advertising, and more.

We hope this quick blurb on Content Writing helps you when writing about your products or services.

Have anything to add to this blog? Send us a text or Message us on our website!

Thanks for reading and we hope you have an excellent day!

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