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What's the difference?

Express Plans: Quick, full-service, custom website design solutions meant for small businesses, built in as little as 30 days. Unlimited* edits to those pages with content provided by you. Beautiful websites. Simple monthly payments.

Custom Quotes: Bespoke, made from scratch, designed from the ground up, with on-location strategy and full-service design tailored towards your ideal clients. 


Express Plans

Payments starting at



Per Month for 12-Months

1 WordPress Website

Unlimited Edits*

Shared Hosting

24/7 Support

Custom Quotes

Starting at



Minimum Commitment

Digital Brand Strategy

Premium Design

Custom Hosting

Premium Reporting

What can an Express Plan do for your business?

Our bundled Website Service Plans are your Solution

Have web pros available when you need it. Here are just a few of the things we can do for you.

Custom Website

We use a mix of premade layouts and blocks to create a custom tailored website for your business.


We scour the Earth looking for top server companies to host our websites. Security, up-time, and functionality are top priorities.

Search Engine Optimization

We include local SEO techniques to include your website in local search engine results.

Stats & Improvements

We keep an eye on what is happening with your site to keep up functionality and usability.


Whatever we do for you needs to look nice. We can always make small changes for you.


  • Is your content typed out, organized, and ready to send in a single file?
  • Do you have professional photos and high-quality images?
  • Is your business legally structured and ready to publish your offerings?
  • Do you have a website and marketing budget of at least $4K? (Recommended Annual budget $10K – $100K)
  • Own a domain name and have access to your Domain Registrar account (So we may point your .com to your Express Plan website and give you brand control)?
  • Take our Quiz
  • Check our Pre-Purchase Checklist to verify that you are ready.
  • Apply for Login Permission by Registering your Username and Password. Authenticator may be required.
  • Answer any questions we may ask for security and verification purposes.
  • After your account is verified, login to Upgradewebdesign.com


Order Process

  • Choose 1 to 3 Themes from our Themes Portfolio that can work as the basic layout for your included Express Plan website.
  • Pick your Express Plan (Website Services Bundle)
  • Choose addons (We can help you choose which plugins best help you after your Discovery Session with us if you are not sure what you need.)
  • View your Cart
  • Press the Checkout Button
  • Review and Sign all Service Agreements
  • Complete filling out your payment information on our secure Order form
  • Complete your Order
  • Receive an official Welcome email from Upgradewebdesign.com
  • Schedule a Discovery Session with us for 1 Hour
  • Submit content (images and text) to us through our Request for Content sent to your email with your Welcome email within 10 days (or before your Discovery Session appointment).
  • Review a Draft Version of your Express Plan website.
  • Update the draft with your requests (if any).
  • Final Review
  • Go live!

Order Process


  • Never worry about your website when you have the peace of mind of knowing our team at Upgradewebdesign.com is ready to update your content in a timely fashion.
  • Add Addon Services whenever you like, as long as you are on a Annual or Monthly Plan.
  • Services continue indefinitely unless you choose to cancel.
  • Receive on-going suggestions, tips and tricks to help your Express Plan website grow organically and work for you.
  • Purchase or use Third-Party marketing services to promote your website. We play well with others. You provide the content, we can setup the rest.

Who is this for?

The Express Plans are meant for small businesses who are marketing to local audiences and to deliver you a website ready to go live within 30 days of submitting your content to us.  If you don’t have content yet, you aren’t ready!  We can help you figure out what you need by taking a look at this business website content planning list.  List Coming Soon!

Each customer of Upgrade Web Design is highly valued.  Please feel free to ask us any question at any time via our chat system, Facebook Messenger, email, contact form, text, call, or virtual meeting.

If you are looking for more professionally tailored design and marketing services, we offer bespoke design, branding, and marketing services available by Custom Quote only.

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Express Plan
$ 100 Month
  • 1-Page Custom Website
  • Local SEO Management
  • 24/7 - 365 Support Ticket System
  • Up to 30-Minutes of modification time Each month
  • Initial Edit Live With You via Video Chat for up to 60 minutes
  • Hosting + Care


Express Plan
$ 350 Month
  • Everything included in Starter +
  • Up to 10-Pages
  • Reviews Generator
  • Initial Edit Live With You via Video Chat for up to 180 minutes included
  • Accessibe Plugin
  • Terms Generator


Express Plan
$ 525 Month
  • Everything Included in Basic +
  • Increased SECURITY
  • Up to 30-Minutes of modification time included each month.
  • Up To 15-Pages
  • Advanced Forms
  • Initial Edit Live With You Via Video Chat for Up To 240 Minutes
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Accept Payments


Express Plan
$ 1600 Month
  • Includes everything in the Plus+ and...
  • Priority Support 24/7. 365 Days a year.
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • E-Commerce Capable - up to 200 products insertion included
  • 15-minute Monthly Meeting Via Chat, Video Chat or by Phone.
  • Initial Edit Live With You Via Video Chat for Up To 360 Minutes
  • Advanced Storefront Design
  • Priority Support

* Unlimited Edits within reason and only if you provide the content (text and images to use).  The time taken each month to edit your website is referred to as Modification Time.  Modification time included each month is specified under each website solution or Express Plan.  Modification Time can be edits such as color changes, adding or removing a section block, adding and removing services or products, website fixes and repairs, changes in contact information, changes or updates in texts, add new images, forms building, and general upkeep of the website.  Edits may also include minor changes or additions to HTML, CSS, and Java coding.  Any major edits or additions will need to be quoted for an additional fee.

Express Plan
Features Comparison

Features Starter Basic Plus+ Pro
Website Services
1 WordPress
Pages Included 1 Page
Up to
10 Pages
Up to
15 Pages
Up to
25 Pages
Unlimited Edits*
(We publish your content for you)
Responsive Web Design
(View on PC, Tablet, & Mobile)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Basic Local SEO included
Hosting + SSL
(Chosen at our sole discretion)
Shared Hosting
10,000 visits per month & 5 GB storage
Dedicated Hosting
25,000 visits, 50 GB bandwidth per month & 10 GB storage
Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate
Installation & Renewal Management
Accept Payments
(Payment Processing Setup Included)
Storefront Design
Sell Products
(Up to 200 products insertion included)
Customer Support
24/7 Support
Ticket System
24/7 Premium
Email Support
Live Chat
Priority Support
Special Benefits
Access to
Future Benefits


We apply your logo, match theme colors and fonts to closely match your brand, and add your photos and images to your website for a custom website feel. However, the website user experience is top priority so that they become paying customers for you.


We use standard local SEO practices to ensure inclusion in your local search results for your business website. We offer advertising services for our Custom Quote purchasers, exclusively. We also work well with others and may bring on a third-party that will focus strictly on your marketing results whether it be with an Express Plan (additional service fees and advertising budgets may apply) or a Custom Quoted project.

Upgrade Web Design Logo

Dev System

We build your website using the world-famous WordPress platform. This allows for edits and updates in a timely fashion. Why does this matter? All of the leading internet solutions integrate with WordPress.


We are here 24/7, 365 days a year with our customer support ticket system. Our email is also constantly monitored. Call or chat with us live during business hours. With unlimited edits, you can breath easy knowing we are always here for you when you need us.

The Breakdown

1. Pick a Plan and Addons

2. Answer Some Questions

3.We Analyze, Plan, & Design

4. Polish, Publish, Promote!

What's Next?

Register & Sign up for your very own Express Plan.

Add any Addon Services & Plugins you'd like.

Schedule and Team up with us via voice chat or video chat and email.

Launch a website you are proud of within 30 Days from content submission!

Get ongoing unlimited* changes via our Support Ticket system.

What's included?

Our Express Plans (WordPress Support Service) includes a customized WordPress website developed to represent your business with 100% hand-holding, hosting, maintenance, support, and unlimited website edits! We also include daily website backups, plugin updates, theme updates, daily security scans, uptime monitoring, and more. The best part, the more we grow, the more benefits we can share with all of our clients to help your business grow.

Why use an Express Plan?

Have us available for ticket support at any time including creating a custom tailored WordPress website created fast (based on premade themes) and completely taken care of for you after you submit your content to us (text and images).  A perfect solution for small businesses who have content that is intended for local and regional audiences. 

Great websites. Fast service.

  • – Easy Online Setup Process.
  • – Unlimited* website edits.
  • – 24/7 Support – Peace of Mind
  • – Look spectacular online.
  • – Save time & money.
  • – Attract new customers.
  • – Dedicated website support.
  • – Friendly Customer Service.
  • – Local SEO included and more!

What happens after 12 months?

After 12 months, your plan and any other services you’ve chosen will auto-renew on their respective renewal dates and continue until you cancel them. As an additional bonus for continuing your services with us year after year, you may “Upgrade” your website layout by choosing a new Upgrade Starter Theme, or talk with us about adding a feature or plugin instead, after your first 12 months of service. Free “Upgrades” are available at our sole discretion.

What if I want to Cancel?

Refunds are ONLY available within 14 days of purchase or before any revisions or requests are made after the delivery of the Draft Version of your Express Plan’s website. You may cancel at any time with 30 days notice. A $250 Cancellation Fee applies. Any Monthly Payment Plan’s total balance remaining is owed and must be paid in full for any remaining payments scheduled in your 12-Month Term (eg. if you purchase an Express Plan for $299 per Month and cancel after your third monthly payment, you would still owe the nine remaining monthly payment amounts that collectively make your total balance you agree to at the time of your initial purchase.). If you cancel before your Service term is complete, we will attempt to charge your preferred payment method or you may receive a final bill or final invoice for said Cancellation fees, remaining balances, and other associated fees, at our sole discretion, within 30 days of your cancellation.

If you cancel before your second year of service (after 12-Months of service) and want to keep your website, additional fees and conditions apply. See Cancellation sections under the Terms, Policies, and Agreements found on our Legal page for more details.

Always maintain control of your brand by having your own Domain Name registered and hosted through a different third-party company (such as Godaddy or SiteGround), allowing you to create a new website and attach your domain whenever you like, if you ever wish to leave us. We do not transfer websites for you.

Do we build websites from scratch or provide more services?

Yes. We provide more custom-tailored services available with a custom quote only. Custom quotes may include a bespoke custom website, strategy, digital design, and marketing services, quoted per project, for small business owners based on solutions we create for your needs and goals. Services may also include logos, branding, custom illustrations, use of premium stock images, use of premium fonts, workflow integrations, third-party plugins, encrypted databases, cloud-based hosting, e-commerce, and more. The end goal being conversions.  Schedule a meeting here.

Check out the available professional templates we can customize for your business.




Are you actually ready for a website?

If you are looking for a website designer or solution right now, you should already have all of your content in a file and ready to send containing your logo, images, text, information, details, pricing, contact info, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and any other info that must be included.

Is your content ready? If not, DO NOT COLLECT $200, DO NOT PASS GO. 

Check out our articles for more information on how to prepare your content to submit to your web company.


WordPress is one of the world’s leading platforms for creating websites. It started out as a powerful blog tool and quickly became integrated with more useful tools and features. Today, WordPress is the leading platform for business websites in the world. We utilize WordPress as a tool for your business by integrating the necessary components for a productive website, letting you use your website to work for you. In today’s digital world, integration is necessary. WordPress integrates with the most third-party companies in the world, allowing for massive innovations in technology.


Our designs and themes we use are User Experience based and we utilize many techniques for different types of goals. We create websites with Front-End Design to focus on the overall experience and feel of each website in desktop, tablet, and mobile views for today’s most popular web browsers.

Take a look at the Website Theme Portfolio to check out some of the ready-made designs.


All service plans come with our 24/7 Support Ticket System. Enter instructions for us on our website any time, day or night, and we will add your request to our queue to be reviewed and addressed.

Our higher tier website service plans come with Live Chat Support and Video Chat support. Our Pro plans come with Priority Support, to keep business running smoothly.

We offer a wonderful service with our Express Plans, but if you are thinking you want more, tell us about it! Our custom quote projects start at $10,000 or more.


Security becomes more important year after year, and while we cannot guarantee absolute security, we strive to secure your website with SSL certificate security encryption, website security, and server-side security. We also ask that all users use a 2FA Authenticator and a secure password to protect user accounts.

Additional Security services and plugins are available to purchase or subscribe to that can really increase your website’s security functions.


We choose some of the internet’s most popular hosting company’s services to host WordPress websites.

All service plans come with Shared Hosting (Servers that share space for multiple websites and users).

Other plans may offer Dedicated Hosting which allows your website data to be even more secure and perform (website loading time) with excellent speeds.


We offer a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee if no requests or revisions have been made to any Draft Version (an incomplete preview of what a website will look like) of a website shared with you. If you cancel your Order after you request a change to the Draft Version or cancel after 14 Days, whichever occurs first, will require you to pay a Cancellation Fee of $250, and the remaining balance of your order (eg. the total sum of 12-monthly payments.). Sign-up Fees are non-refundable and may only be refunded at our sole discretion.

In most cases, NO REFUNDS are allowed.

Why go with Upgrade Web Design?

You handle giving us the content, we handle all the technical parts of having a website, you can pay through one company instead of dozens of third-parties, and have peace of mind knowing you have your own website support team.

Websites run on WordPress
1 M
WordPress Plugins
1 K
Websites created
1 +
Website Creation Experience
1 Yrs

Still not sure what you need?

Contact us to see what solutions we may be able to offer which will best fit your needs.

More than just a web design, a web solution.

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