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We help small businesses with custom website solutions that can help increase your brand's visibility, increase sales, increase efficiency, reduce workload, and utilize your business's website as a powerful tool.

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Check Your Content

Before purchasing a Website Plan or Website Services from Upgradewebdesign.com that you have your content prepared so our design team can hit the ground running. Make sure you have all of your important information written of typed out that you can easily share with us via email or our Request for Content form we send after the purchase of website services.

Content and information you will want to have ready before purchasing website services for your business...

  • A Domain Name (Your official URL address for your website (your .com name).
  • Login credentials for your Domain Name Registrar (where you purchased or host your domain name).
  • Information about your company and what makes your company different.
  • Email Addresses setup with your domain name (.com) to send form submissions to.
  • a free offering you may trade for website visitor’s email address.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions for your website (for a Limited Time, receive an Annual Termageddon License included with our Express Plans which include easy to fill out forms to create your privacy policy, terms, and more.)
  • Service and/or Product Information; The simpler, the better. Be informative in small bites. Don’t leave any information unavailable. The more answers you can resolve online in a tactical manner, the better.
  • Contact information for how the general public can reach you including phone numbers, faxes, emails, social media accounts, and so on.
  • Affiliate graphics and links (if available)
  • Copyrights to all graphics, photos, and any fonts submitted to Upgrade Web Design. (We reserve the right to remove any content involved in copyright infringement.).
  • Customer and locality information
  • Keyword ideas; How should people be able to find you when they type a query in a Search Engine? (e.g. our keywords should be “Website services for businesses”, or “custom website plans for small businesses”.

Our Express Plans are meant to help small businesses find a one-stop shop to receive a simple website design, development, local search engine optimization help, on-going edits and changes, hosting, maintenance, and the flexibility to add more functions to their Express Plan website easily without worrying about dozens of payments to keep track of every month and annually.

Our plans are progressively based on page volume, customer service, hosting, maintenance, on-going Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Editing time or Modification time available each month.

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Let Us Guide You Through Your Website Journey

After your purchase of an Express Plan, Ultra Plan, or Custom Website Services and you give your content and information to us, we ask you to schedule a meeting with us to review the information, review a fitting template, and we officially begin your project.

Here we review a number of items including verifying information that you submitted to us is correct and all content is given.

It is also a great opportunity for us to become more acquainted so you can feel comfortable and at ease with your website service representative.

We have our meeting via video chat with you with screen share. You can choose video chat or voice chat as long as you are on a computer for the meeting. 

Typically within 30-Days of your submission of content and First meeting or Discovery Meeting with us, we will present you with a Draft Version of your website, meant to give you the look and feel of website style without the website actually being complete.

From here we can discuss any changes needed, additional information needed, fixes, and other layout changes live, in a video-chat or screen share chat session.

After this, we go to town building the final draft.

Review the Draft Version

Review the Final Draft

Typically within 24-72 hours after you send us notes with feedback , we will present you with a Final Draft Version of your website. Times may vary.

From here we can discuss any changes needed, additional information needed, fixes, and other layout changes live, in a video-chat or screen share chat session or through our collaboration tools.

Not perfect? Don’t worry, we will continue working with you until you are satisfied. Just be aware, the more changes and requests made, the longer it may take to publish your website publicly. Why wait? Go live and make on-going changes month after month with your included Modification Time available in our Express Plans.

Go live and make on-going changes month after month with your included Modification Time available in our Express Plans.

When we go live, we help…

  • Update your Google Business Profile
  • Include Local SEO on all web pages
  • Maintain Your Website for up-time (keeping your website available)
  • Recommend additional options to increase traffic, functions and usability.
  • and are available to help and make changes whenever you need by request through our Customer Support Ticket System.

Publish Your Website and Make Your Mark!

Animation by Felipe Da Silva Pinho @ LottieFiles

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