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What does a website cost in Virginia?

Asking a web designer or agency how much a custom-tailored website costs with no context is like asking a car dealer how much a custom car is without telling them what type of car you are looking for.  It really comes down to your budget, style, needs, and wants.

Your needs can change the overall price of a website and so can your style.  Not only that, the designer or agency you choose can also come at a premium.  Perhaps you want illustrated graphics or animations.  Perhaps your want your website to automate your sales or onboarding process.  Maybe you need extra security and protection of personal user data.  All of these factors can play a major role in the cost and ongoing costs of your next website.

If you currently have a website, schedule a meeting with us and we will audit your current site and possibly come up with a strategic plan to bring your website up to standards and make suggestions to help reach your needs.  No strings attached. 

Don’t have a website? Call us or schedule a call.  Then we can do a deep-dive and really hear what you have to say about your next website project.

So about how much does a typical website cost?

Use the pricing calculator below to estimate the cost of your next website project.  Pricing may not be accurate and does not create a contract between you, the User, and Upgrade Web Design, the Company.


  • How much does a website cost

How much does a website cost

Total Summary

Website Cost Calculator

After you view the web calculator pricing above, check out the following options.

Start with a Design + Care plan and purchase our services online or give us a call to discuss what options are right for you.