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Digital Roadmap

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Gain clarity and structure, mitigate risks and challenges, and ultimately increase the user experience and favorable return on your online marketing investments.

A digital roadmap, also referred to as a digital transformation or strategy roadmap, is like a blueprint for the future of your business. It outlines your online objectives over the short and long-term and maps out the initiatives needed to achieve these. Your custom roadmap should show you how to convert your business’s vision into an actionable plan that mitigates risk while increasing profitability. A digital roadmap is a critical part of any business by filling the gap between the high-level strategy and the detailed execution plan, creating an easy to follow flow from vision to implementation.


Deliverables include;

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Guide
    • Includes and overview of defined strategic objectives, purpose, and desired outcomes
  • Digital Roadmap
    • Includes specific steps or tasks, timelines, and milestones

Why does a digital roadmap matter?
A digital roadmap bridges the gap visually by showing the goals and the tasks needed to achieve them, typically in a chronological order or steps.

A roadmap can also help reduce:

  • Wasted resources
  • Misaligned efforts
  • Unmet objectives

Additional benefits of creating a digital roadmap help to;

  • Assess your current state of technology and organization
  • Define Strategic Goals
  • Engage Stakeholders and Senior Management
  • Define the correct technology and tools to use
  • Allocate Resources
  • Develop a Management Strategy
  • Create a guide for user testing
  • Define phases of when and how to roll out initiatives and campaigns
  • Gain feedback

Requirements: This service product requires full participation by the company’s management and any employees who work in online marketing. Includes an initial meeting, a discover session, and possibly follow-up questions so we may converse with you, collect information, and build a digital roadmap to meet your defined goals through your target audiences.