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WooCommerce Storefront Design Upgrade Plus +

Upgrade your existing website’s storefront design for your WooCommerce store.
Design Upgrade includes;
1 – Front Page Design with Mega Menu Design
1 – Landing Page Design
1 – Product Page Design
1 – Custom Login Page Design
1 – Custom Designed Shop Page
1 – Custom Designed Cart Page
1 – Custom Designed Checkout Page
1 – Mega Menu Design
– Basic SEO for up to 200 Products
– All Product Content Insertion for up to 200 Products
– SSL Certificate Setup and Monitoring
– Up-Time Monitoring
– Website Security Setup and Monitoring with Hacker and Malware Fixes ($1,000+ value)
– Ongoing Support and Edits

12-Months Minimum Term
Plan ends when cancelled.

$850.00 / month

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Upgrade your WooCommerce Storefront Design with a facelift to your front page, landing pages, product pages, a custom login page, and a custom designed vertical or horizontal Mega Menu to entice customers to buy more and navigate more easily on your existing website (hosted externally with a third-party and maintained by you, the Client, or a third-party you hire).

This service product is perfect for a company creating a new WooCommerce Store and dissolving an old WooCommerce Store. To secure you new website, we include top website security with hacker and malware support for 1-year.

We customize and optimize a WordPress or WooCommerce theme with your company’s brand and user’s experience in mind to work with your ecommerce website.

Design Upgrade includes;
1 – Front Page Design.
1 – Landing Page Design.
1 – Product Page Design.
1 – Custom Login Page Design.
1 – Custom Designed Shop Page.
1 – Custom Designed Cart Page.
1 – Custom Designed Checkout Page.
1 – Mega Menu Design.
– Basic SEO for up to 200 Products.
– All Product Content Insertion for up to 200 Products.
– Free SSL Certificate Setup and Monitoring (certificate provided by third-party).
– Up-Time Monitoring.
– Website Security Setup and Monitoring with Hacker and Malware Fixes for 12-Months ($1,000 per year + value).
– Ongoing Website Support and Edits.


This Existing Storefront Upgrade is a basic upgrade for the design of an externally hosted WooCommerce Website only. All designs are responsive and designed to work with the latest updated internet browsers.

Purchasing Party or Client is responsible for all content. Upgrade Web Design will send you a Request for Content where you may enter and organize your content entries via a secure login.

Delays in providing content and information for your website may delay results and when the design project goes live.

Minimum Term: 12-Months
Service Ends: When Cancelled

Production Time Limit: None
Revisions per Page Design: 2

This service product does NOT include;

– DNS Setup or DNS Maintenance.
– Hosting.
– Additional Page Designs.
– WooCommerce Extensions, Plugins, or Subscriptions
– Email Notifications Customization.
– Additional Plugins or Licenses beyond 12-Months of Support
– Any marketing
– or anything else not mentioned under the included description of this product, service, or subscription.

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