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We help small business with custom website solutions that can help increase your brand's visibility, increase your sales, increase efficiency, reduce workload, and utilize your business's website as a powerful tool.

We Can Do with You.

We use a variety of methods to give you the flexibility to choose options and combine Services, Plans, Addon Services, and Plugins to create a winning business website solution with top-notch support for your company's digital marketing strategy. We work with you to create a website that reaches your goals. As a bonus, we like to offer FREE Upgrades Year after Year.

What else can we do for your business?

Our Website Services are more than just a website.

Whatever your website needs are, we can help.

Custom Website

We use a mix of premade layouts and blocks to create a custom tailored website for your business. We use you content and proven design techniques to build an appealing and easy to use website. (a $199+/Mo. value included with an Express Plan.)

Search Engine Optimization

We use local SEO techniques to include your website in local search engine results so people can find you for your services, products, and other relevant topics. (a $199/Mo. value included with Express Plans.)

Edits & Style

Whatever we do for you needs to look nice. We can always make small changes for you anytime with access to our intuitive Support Ticket System available 24/7.

Stats & Improvements

We keep an eye on what is happening with your site to keep up functionality and usability. We also provide options with suggestions to help continually improve your website's effectiveness with time.


We scour the Earth looking for top server companies to host our websites. Security, up-time, and functionality are top priorities. If you outgrow our Servers, custom server options for higher traffic websites can be made available by quote.

Other Website Benefits

* Unlimited Edits within reason and only if you provide the content (text and images to use).  The time taken each month to edit your website is referred to as Modification Time.  Modification time included each month is specified under each custom quoted website service or Express Plan.  Modification Time can be edits such as color changes, adding or removing a section block, adding and removing services or products, website fixes and repairs, changes in contact information, changes or updates in texts, add new images, forms building, and general upkeep of the website.  Edits may also include minor changes or additions to HTML, CSS, and Java coding.  Any major edits or additions will need to be quoted for an additional fee.

Express Plans

The Express Plans are a Package of Services consisting of design, hosting, maintenance, and on-going updates for the life of your account. These plans are meant for small businesses who would like a fast, simple, custom website solution without the typical commitment of time involved in finding and hiring a local designer. These packaged services are "DWY" - Done With You.


We provide bespoke ("DFY" - Done For You) services available with a custom quote only. Custom quotes may include a bespoke custom website made completely from scratch, brand strategy, digital design, and marketing services, quoted per project. Services available include logos, branding, custom illustrations, use of premium stock images, use of premium fonts, workflow integrations, third-party plugins, encrypted databases, cloud-based hosting, e-commerce, and more. Contact us for more details.

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Are you ready for a website?

If you are looking for a website designer or solution right now, you should already have most of your content written. Once you have content put it all in one, easy-to-find folder. Your folder should contain things like your logo, images, text, information, details, pricing, contact info, terms and conditions, privacy policy, and any other info that must be included.

Is your content ready? If not, DO NOT COLLECT $200, DO NOT PASS GO. 

Check out our articles for more information on how to prepare your content to submit to your web company.


WordPress is one of the world’s leading platforms for creating websites. It started out as a powerful blog tool and quickly became integrated with more useful tools and features. Today, WordPress is the leading platform for business websites in the world. We utilize WordPress as a tool for your business by integrating the necessary components for a productive website, letting you use your website to work for you. In today’s digital world, integration is necessary. WordPress integrates with the most third-party companies in the world, allowing for massive innovations in technology.


Our designs and themes we use are User Experience based and we utilize many techniques for different types of goals. We create websites with Front-End Design to focus on the overall experience and feel of each website in desktop, tablet, and mobile views for today’s most popular web browsers.

Take a look at the Website Theme Portfolio to check out some of the ready-made designs.

All service plans come with our 24/7 Support Ticket System. Enter instructions for us on our website any time, day or night, and we will add your request to our queue to be reviewed and addressed.

Our higher tier website service plans come with Live Chat Support and Video Chat support. Our Pro plans come with Priority Support, to keep business running smoothly.

We offer a wonderful service with our Express Plans, but if you are thinking you want more, tell us about it! Our custom quote projects start at $10,000 or more.


Security becomes more important year after year, and while we cannot guarantee absolute security, we strive to secure your website with SSL certificate security encryption, website security, and server-side security. We also ask that all users use a 2FA Authenticator and a secure password to protect user accounts.

Additional Security services and plugins are available to purchase or subscribe to that can really increase your website’s security functions.


We choose some of the internet’s most popular hosting company’s services to host WordPress websites.

All service plans come with Shared Hosting (Servers that share space for multiple websites and users).

Other plans may offer Dedicated Hosting which allows your website data to be even more secure and perform (website loading time) with excellent speeds.


We offer a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee if no requests or revisions have been made to any Draft Version (an incomplete preview of what a website will look like) of a website shared with you. If you cancel your Order after you request a change to the Draft Version or cancel after 14 Days, whichever occurs first, will require you to pay a Cancellation Fee of $250, and the remaining balance of your order (eg. the total sum of 12-monthly payments.). Sign-up Fees are non-refundable and may only be refunded at our sole discretion.

In most cases, NO REFUNDS are allowed.

Why go with Upgrade Web Design?

You handle giving us the content, we handle all the technical parts of having a website, you can pay through one company instead of dozens of third-parties, and have peace of mind knowing you have your own website support team.

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Layouts we can base your customized website on, or a mix.

Not sure what you need?

Contact us to see what solutions we may be able to offer which will best fit your needs.

More than just a web design, a web solution.

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