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What is strategy?

Website and Marketing Strategy is the first step in creating an overall plan to building your online presence and then promoting it to the correct people, asking them to take action.

The goal of this initial conversation to isn’t to plug in a solution before we know what your problems or symptoms are that you need solutions for. Sometimes during this discovery portion of the conversation we stumble upon a symptom you may not even be aware of a the beginning of the conversation. How can you fix something if you are unaware of everything that is broken or in need of repairs? Short answer is, you can’t. 

Why do you need a strategy?

This initial conversation is crucial to create a plan of action to follow, implement, and gauge progress. You shouldn’t leave a strategy session empty handed. By the end of the strategy session you should know who and where your clients, customers, or users are and how to market to them, engage them, collect vital contact information, and ultimately make the transaction you want your audience to make.

What kind of information does a website and marketing strategist ask you about?

A digital marketing strategist will ask you many questions about your company, what you personally do at the company, what the company does, company size, sales, projected sales, current issues you’d like resolved, questions about the possibilities of enhancing your user experience, your company mantra, style, attitude, feeling, and so on.

Why can’t I just start a website and work on strategy later?

Many people try to start a website without a plan and it costs time, money, and frustration. Without a plan or blueprint to follow in building your business online, you can build something pretty ugly that doesn’t serve your users or your needs. Also, how will potential client or customers find you? Building a website by itself may work for small local businesses but if you want to grow our business, constant and targeted promotions are key. Without a plan for your business to grow, it won’t.

Want to talk to someone about your vision for your company?

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