What's Next?

Your NEW WEBSITE is published! Now what?

SEO – Over the next few weeks, Upgrade Web Design will be working on Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO and backend of your website so that your website is properly included in local search results organically. The results from this takes some time. If you are looking to attract customers or clients sooner, schedule a meeting with us and let’s talk about starting a small online marketing campaign to attract people fast.

Monthly Reports – Every month we will create an Express Report for your website on the 1st of the month or near the monthly anniversary of your purchase date. This report will contain the very basics such as the amount of traffic to your website each month, how many contact form submissions were submitted, any website issues and their resolutions are reported. More detailed and goal oriented reports are available in the Addon Services section, known as Premium Monthly Reports.

Ongoing Monthly Evaluations – We actively review your website at least once each month to look for errors, anomalies, make sure your contact forms are working, make any small adjustments or fixes, and sometimes make suggestions on features, services, or other tips we think may help you reach your goals of acquiring more qualified customers and clients.

Need something? You can always reach out to us for any edits, updates, add a section to your web pages, talk about additional features or addons, marketing inquiries, design changes, or anything along those lines by phone, email, Facebook Messenger, or contact us via our online customer support portal currently under “Submit a Ticket” page. We will always do our best to reply as soon as possible.

Contacting us – If we ever happen not to respond to you within 24 hours, please reach out by another method. For emergencies, call us and leave a message if it is after hours.  We will return your call ASAP.

We want to hear from you!

As always, we want to hear from you!  If you ever have any suggestions for us to improve our company, our staff, our services, or anything else, we would love to hear all about it.

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Thank You!

And of course, we want to thank you again for choosing Upgrade Web Design for all your business website needs.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and growing our professional relationship with you to the point where we have become an important and integral part of your business goals.

-Braden Simpson

Owner of Upgrade Web Design, LLC

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